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CARBOAFRICA wins an Italian WWF prize!

An Italian WWF prize for scientific research was assigned to the project CARBOAFRICA, as a symbol of all the research on global change.

These are the reasons for the prize:

For the project CARBOAFRICA aimed at quantifying, understanding and predicting carbon cycle and other greenhouse gases in Sub-Saharan Africa, as a symbol of many projects and researches aimed at understanding the effects of global changes induced by human intervention in natural systems.

This research aims to fill in the current gaps of knowledge and contribute to the enhancement of an Earth observations system, strengthening our capacity to understand global change process under way.

The scientific and technological advances are intended to support sub-Saharan African countries in the path of sustainable development.

The award was given by the President of the Republic of Italy to the project coordinator, Prof. Ricardo Valentini, who is also the President of the National Committee of the Italian National Research Council on Global Change and member of the Scientific Board of WWF Italy.

Last updated : 12-05-2009 8:17:35 AM