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3 - Model-Data Integration

Workpackage number 3 Start date or starting event: modelling workshop (month 4)
Workpackage title: Model-data integration for up-scaling to region and continent
Activity Type: RTD/Innovation activities
Participant No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Person-months: 8 24 9 2 0 12 82 0 30 7 0 0 16 0 0 0

The objective of this workpackage is to generalize and up-scale the ecosystem level observations in a more sophisticated modelling framework that integrates local and spatial data with data- and process-oriented models for improving across-scale CO2 balance estimates over sub-Saharan African regions. Carbon balance estimates and their seasonal and inter-annual variability are to be described at local, regional and continental scales.

Description of work
Task 3.1 Uncertainty estimation and synthesis of existing ecosystem CO2 and H2O flux observations.
Task 3.2 Modelling short-term CO2 and energy fluxes in response to climate at flux tower sites and larger.
Task 3.3 Modelling non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.
Task 3.4 Modelling climate-vegetation-fire dynamics.
Task 3.5 CARBOAFRICA Model Validation Regional Experiment (CARE).
Task 3.6 Atmospheric CO2 concentration measurements and inverse modelling.

3.1 A synthesis of existing and ongoing observations on N2O and CH4 fluxes in relation to climate and vegetation type (Month 6).
3.2 A synthesis of existing and ongoing carbon and water cycle observations in relation to climate and vegetation type (Month 18).
3.3 Instrumentation and test of a twin-engine experimental aircraft for flux measurements in Africa (Month 18).
3.4 Models parameterized and constrained at flux tower sites (Month 18).
3.5 Instrumentation of two surface stations for the measurement of atmospheric CO2 concentrations (Month 18).
3.6 CARE Final experimental plan (Month 20). 3.7 Parameterised ecosystem carbon-water-nutrient balance models using site level and spatial observations (Month 24).
3.8 Development and evaluation of 6-month seasonal forecast of NPP for Africa (Month 24).
3.9 Modelled carbon flux components at targeted sites, validated against site-level observations (Month 24).
3.10 Regional estimates of carbon and water fluxes via direct aircraft measurements during intensive observation periods (Month 24).
3.11 Determination of the main driving environmental variables of N2O and CH4 fluxes in the studied ecosystems (Month 28).
3.12 CARE Activity Report (Month 30). 3.13 Models runs performed and validated at regional scale (Month 30).
3.14 Modelled and validated regional carbon and water flux estimates over the area of the regional experiments (Month 30).
3.15 Regionalized top-down inverse modelling estimates of terrestrial CO2 fluxes (Month 30).
3.16 Ecosystem-model based maps of expected of ecosystem carbon and water balance components over the sub-Saharan African continent with associated uncertainties (Month 36).
3.17 Bottom-up model of processes underlying ecosystem carbon fluxes to validate and interpret eddy covariance results (Month 36).
3.18 CARE Regional Flux dataset (Month 36).
3.19 Regional georeferenced maps of N2O and CH4 fluxes (Month 36).

Milestones and expected result
3.1 Modelling workshop and modelling protocol defined (Month 4).
3.2 Models parameterized and constrained at flux tower sites (Month 18).
3.3 Models runs performed and validated at regional scale (Month 30).
3.4 Model assessments completed at continental level; publications (Month 36).

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