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Mailing List Server

The mailing list server is an archive of contacts either related to the Carboafrica project or interested in the topics and issues addressed by the same project.
Joining the list server means receiving by e-mail project's news and events, as well as other timely information.

ADD NEW If you are not in the archive and wish to be included, please insert your e-mail in the box below and click the add new button.

You will need to fill up a small form, which will take you only few minutes. Remember to keep the unique ID for your record somewhere. It will allow you to display/edit your personal information.

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SHOW/EDIT The list server is maintained by the same users who can display and/or edit personal information online. Please insert your e-mail and unique ID in the boxes above and click the show/edit button.


If you do not have the ID, please contact the webmaster to request it.

REMOVE If you wish to be removed from the archive, click HERE to send an email to us and request the action.

If you have any technical problems please contact the webmaster administrator

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