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5 - Communications and Capacity Building

Workpackage number 5 Start date or starting event: month 4
Workpackage title: Communications and Capacity Building
Activity Type: RTD/Innovation activities
Participant No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Person-months: 6 2 3 36 14 0 0 0 0 1 10 0 0 0 0 0

5.1 To ensure high level outreach within the global scientific community of the achievements of the project, including the lessons learned, and to maintain strong collaborative arrangements between all the project partners and the participating nations;
5.2 To contribute to achieving sustainable development goals in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa through providing relevant data and information products, providing technical assistance and support in the application of those data and information specifically to aid development;
5.3 To provide education and training opportunities for people in the participating African countries specifically to enable those countries to better participate in the international debate on climate change and to take advantage of emerging market opportunities;
5.4 To provide education and training opportunities specifically on African issues for tertiary students in EU countries and to develop networks to facilitate on-going collaboration.

Description of work
Task 5.1 Communication and Dissemination.
Task 5.2 Capacity Building.

5.1 A network or networks of organizations, agencies and individuals (Month 6).
5.2 Web portal (Month 6).
5.3 List server (Month 6).
5.4 Two-monthly newsletter, brochures and leaflets (Month 6-36).
5.5 African graduate students studying for higher degrees at European universities and research centres (Month 12-36).
5.6 European Community graduate students studying for higher degrees at European universities and research centres (Month 12-36).
5.7 Student networks across Europe and Africa leading to collaborative projects into the future (Month 12-36).
5.8 Scientific publications and presentations (Month 18-36).
5.9 Sub-regional seminars in Africa (Month 24).
5.10 Familiarity with CDM rules and practices in African government agencies (Month 36).
5.11 Production of national and regional carbon strategies (Month 36).
5.12 Trained and informed local experts in sustainable land and natural resource management, database management, data dissemination and awareness (Month 24-36).
5.13 International scientific conference (Month 36).
5.14 Final Plan for using and disseminating knowledge (Month 36).
5.15 Report on raising public participation and awareness (Month 36).

Milestones and expected result
5.1 Agreed communication strategy with all project participants committed to their identified components; Networks established, Web portal constructed, List server developed, newsletter launched (Month 8).
5.2 Identification of government focal points for CDM training, initial contacts on this (Month 13).
5.3 Development of teaching materials for African universities and research institutions (Month 22).
5.4 Subregional seminars at end of year 2 (Month 24).
5.5 Development of African regional & national carbon strategies (Month 26).
5.6 Local training workshops in carbon-related issues (Month 29).
5.7 No. of African students supported for higher degrees in European teaching and research institutions (Month 35).
5.8 Final international scientific conference to transfer the knowledge gained by the project to all potential stakeholders and representatives from the European Commission (Month 36).

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